Holy Land 2012 – just landed

Well, I made it! Smooth sailing all the way – great flight, lovely train ride from the airport to Haifa. It was so exciting to see the beautiful Israeli landscape again, this time everything all dusty from months with no rain. The last time we were here everything was so green and lush, and now even the north looks like the desert. And it is hot and humid! I arrived in time for a wonderful dinner out with the family, all 11 of us – so good to see everyone!- and now I’m back at the lovely little bed and breakfast, getting ready for bed. Tomorrow: a quiet day poolside, resting up from the flight so I’ll be in reasonable shape for Friday’s event.

P.S. staying at an interesting place – a gorgeous old stone building from the Templar days of this settlement, with half a dozen rooms on the ground floor. Even more interesting is the fact that right now I’m the only guest and apparently the dog think I’m not allowed up the driveway at night to try to get a better cellphone signal. And as if that weren’t enough, the info sheet in the room says to watch out for wild pigs in the summer, this being the countryside and all. Wild pigs? Yikes. Hope there are no truffles around here.

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